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Culture Coffee & Baked Goods

An artisan bakery in the centre of our picturesque village of Slaithwaite

As you can see from the visuals a lot of effort goes in to understanding a new business venture and creating concepts that have depth and meaning to them. I enjoy discovering ways of visually representing a new brand so it comes to life.

On the surface a logo might be minimal and iconic but the overall brand can come together beyond this seemingly simple approach. There can be added graphic and textural elements, along with slogans and messaging all created with the correct tone of voice to get across the message that the owners of the business want their customers to understand.

For Culture I looked at the idea of culture being a term derived from the phrase of 'coffee culture' but also that their sourdough bread uses live cultures within the process of baking it. This led me to look at the surface and make up of the bread and the sourdough starter and take influence from its bubbly appearance.

As you can see in the second presented concept I took inspiration from the markings that traditional bakers use to identify different loaves. I used this approach to create a repeated pattern but it was felt it looked too similar to that of a certain luxury hand bag brand!

The clients loved the sourdough bubbly texture and messages from concept 01 but preferred the typographic approach from concept 02 so the two were combined to create the finished version you can see in reality today.

The branding was then rolled out with help from the PDF Brand Guidelines I created. We went on to create signage, window vinyl, menus, loyalty and gift cards and a shiny new website.

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