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Nom Brunch Restaurant and Bar

Rebrand and name change for the popular Slaithwaite eatery and drinking establishment

I'll let the client give you some insight on this project as they can say it best...


" Rebrand, Refurb, Refine.

It’s so much more than a lick of paint, but at the same time, Nom is less of a “big change” and more of a refinement of the foundations that Om laid. It’s a rediscovery of our identity and a recommitment of energy to this special place.

We’ve always been more than just yoga and coffee but never wanted to be a night time restaurant.  Somewhere in between.

Simon at KnownAim had reworked our last menu for us and also did all of the branding for Culture, so when we went to him with the idea of Nom, he got right to it, he knows us and he knows Om and he nailed it from the first draft.

A pleasure to work with, Simon has blown this one out of the water, from the imperfect font to the hand drawn illustrations.

At the core, our values are still the same, we just feel a little more grown up now, taking our role as a really decent place to eat a little more seriously and with a little more experience behind us."

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